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I'm working on neural network technology that will revolutionize marketing 

Hidden Layers Podcast

Bringing marketing and deep learning together

Hidden Layers, the new podcast from ad industry veteran Jeremy Fain, explores how the different facets of deep learning, artificial intelligence, and marketing are coming together to solve what used to be considered impossible computer problems.
Data is only getting richer and more interesting. Mobile devices along with the IP-addressable outdoor and television/OTT spaces are making a centralized AI for marketing much more realistic. The ability to more fully describe and understand a consumer’s behavior is more complete than ever before, and that kind of data will make AI marketing tools even more effective over the next few years.

It will be many years before most marketers have Deep Learning data scientists working for them, so putting together a centralized data set is the most important task. This is one of the main reasons why I started Cognitiv with my childhood friends, our CTO Marc Hudacsko and Chief Science Officer Aaron Andalman.

About Jeremy Fain

Jeremy Fain is a visionary in the field of neural networks and deep learning. With over 20 years of interactive experience, Jeremy has worked across the agency and publisher landscape in roles ranging from marketing, to industry standards, to revenue leadership.

In 2015, Jeremy founded Cognitiv with two childhood friends who shared an interest in making Deep Learning accessible to business. Cognitiv, the technology behind IBM Watson Advertising, is the first neural network technology that unearths patterns of consumer behavior so marketers can accurately pinpoint consumers who want to buy or further engage with their products. As CEO and co-founder of Cognitiv, Jeremy is applying his passion by supercharging deep learning for marketing.

Before founding Cognitiv, Jeremy led North American Accounts for Rubicon Project. Prior to that, he worked at CBS Interactive, where he launched and oversaw one of the first premium programmatic exchanges.

Jeremy has been a featured speaker at various global events, including Advertising Week, MediaPost Marketing AI, I-COM Global Data Summit, Adexchanger Programmatic I/O, IAB Annual Leadership Conference, and the Digital Advertising Alliance Summit, among others. Jeremy is also a regular contributor to Forbes, and has been featured in major media publications, including Adexchanger, Adweek, INC, and The Drum.

Jeremy hold a bachelors of science in electrical engineering from Yale University and a masters in business administration from Columbia Business School.